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Strawberry Donut Maker Recipe

Strawberry Donut Maker Recipe

Strawberry Donut Maker Recipe

prep time: about 5 mins
cook time: 1 1/2 mins per batch in mini donut maker
makes approximately 24 mini donuts

1 cup flour
1/4 cup + 1/8 cup sugar (I use organic cane sugar)
1 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 cup + 1/8 cup cup milk (I use organic whole milk)
1 eggs, beaten (I use organic free range brown egg)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 tablespoon shortening
approx 1 cup pureed strawberries

1/2 cup confectioners sugar
1 tablespoons hot water

Glazed Strawberry Donut Maker Recipe

Spray donut maker sides with cooking spray or brush lightly with oil.
In a bowl, mix flour, sugar, baking powder.
Stir in milk, egg, vanilla and shortening.
Beat together until well blended.
Fold in the pureed strawberries.
Put batter into piping bag for easiest way to fill donut maker cavities.
Pipe in batter.
Cook for 1 1/2 minutes.
Remove from donut maker.

To make glaze, blend confectioners sugar, hot water in a small bowl.
Dip doughnuts in the glaze.

Or you can also sprinkle confectioners sugar over the donuts rather than glazing them.

Strawberry Donut Maker Recipe

ignore my ugly thumb nail-discolored/funky from nail polish 🙁

Better yet, eat them plain!

plain Strawberry Donut Maker Recipe

National Donut Day & Review of The Original Donut Factory

Today, June 3rd is National Donut Day. It’s always the first Friday of June.

So, to celebrate it I did a review of the Original Donut Factory and made some donuts last night for today.
I’m sure you’re saying, “Ummm Tara, donuts aren’t healthy”
But, these are a bit healthier since they’re not fried…(good justification right?)
Seriously though, I am going to be working on some healthy mini donut recipes to bring healthy whole options to you.
However, for today you’re going to have to deal with chocolate donuts with a chocolate glaze (sorry it’s what the daughter wanted and at about 50 calories each I couldn’t say no…all in the name of doing this review of course!).

First let me tell you about The Original Donut Factory.

It’s compact so doesn’t take up a lot of space on the counter.
Some appliances take awhile to heat up, not this! It heats up in a short few minutes and is ready to go.

When you open it up, you’ll find six little cavities to make your mini donuts in.

Note: When you make donuts in this, I’d strongly suggest using a piping bag to put the batter in. If you try to spoon it in, you’ll end up with a huge mess…donuts with no holes and since they cook so quickly it’s just easier to pipe in the batter.

The cooking plates are coated with non-stick surface so you just have to lightly spray with cooking oil or whatever you want prior to using to ensure the donuts come out easily.
Clean-up was a cinch.
Just wiped it down with a cloth and that was it.

This is a great appliance to have on hand for fast & easy snacks. Seriously, you can whip out 3 dozen of these mini donuts in a matter of minutes.
Well worth the price (under $30) and easy enough for the kids to help you (though keep little kids away from the cooking plates since they obviously get hot).

I will be adding healthier donut recipes to this blog in the very near future but follows is the one that I made last night.

Chocolate Donuts

* 1¼ cups all-purpose flour
* ½ cup cocoa
* ½ cup sugar
* 1 tablespoon baking powder
* 1 egg
* ¾ cup buttermilk
* ¼ cup vegetable oil
* 1 teaspoon vanilla

1. Stir dry ingredients together in mixing bowl. Add egg, buttermilk, vegetable oil and vanilla. Using a mixer on medium speed, blend until smooth.
2. Fill each cooking reservoir with about 2 tablespoons of batter. I just piped batter in to fill the bottom cavities

3. Bake about 2 1/2-3 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into donut comes out clean. (use a wood or bamboo fork/utensil to remove so you don’t scratch the surface of cooking plates, or do what I did and use your fingers QUICKLY so you don’t burn them on the donuts because they’re hot little things!)
4. Glaze or coat with powdered sugar, as desired.

I think this recipe made about 36-40 donuts

I just threw some chocolate chips, butter and vanilla in a bowl and melted it down for the glaze.

You could also dress them up with sprinkles, nuts, edible glitter.
I happened to have silver star edible glitter on hand so threw that on a few.

These passed my daughters taste test with flying colors!
I’m planning on experimenting with some goji berries, oranges, peanut butter, bananas, organic dark chocolate, mint and who knows what else!
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