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Whale Tails Chips Halloween Chip Giveway

I recently did a review on Whale Tails Chips (which in my opinion are the best natural organic tortilla chip I’ve ever had).

Well, now they’re offering a great giveaway!

halloween whale tails chips

You can win a “Mixed” case of six 9oz bags of their yummy natural tortilla chips.
One lucky winner will receive 3 bags of my favorite Hawaiian BBQ Chips and 3 bags of Blue Tor”Chia” Chips
These are great in taste and visual appeal for Halloween (orange and dark blue/purple)!

Enter here

Whale Tails Tortilla Chips Review

Whale Tails Tortilla Chips are to die for!

The chips are the bomb!
The company itself is outstanding in their beach clean up efforts and other work they’re doing (check some of it out here to get a taste of what else they’re up to).
They were invited by Warner Bros to attend Saturday’s Premier of the new movie “Dolphin Tale” and Saturday was also California Coastal Cleanup Day of which they participated in the beach cleanup in the morning…..from the sand to the red carpet all in one day.
You don’t find that happening very often!

whale tails tortilla chips

These addicting delicious tortilla chips are organic, kosher, non-GMO, naturally gluten free, made with organic corn grown in the US of A, low in sodium and have 0 trans fat, and they taste awesome.
They come in 9 oz. bags and 1.5 snack size bags.

Read the full review here

Homemade Frozen Fruit Bar recipes

Why buy commercially made frozen fruit bars or popsicles when you can make your own in a matter of minutes (ok so add a few hours freezing time) for less the price and you know exactly what’s going into them…real fruit! no sugar, no corn syrup, no preservatives, artificial colorings, etc.

Homemade frozen fruit bars and popsicles are easy to make.

I made Pineapple, Strawberry, Orange bars last night.

You can get the full recipes here

Rice cakes w/PB & fruit

When you’re not in the mood for a big complicated snack, and just want something quick (yet healthy & filling) to throw together try rice cakes with peanut butter and fruit.
This is so easy, delicious and filling.
Wonderful to snack on, and great for post workout too.
My daughter actually came up with this one.

Depending on how much peanut butter you use, these average about 120-130 calories per rice cake.
Rice cakes are approximately 50
1 tsp of peanut butter is about 35
and depending on the fruit, usually about 40-50 calories

Caramel (ok so not so healthy) rice cakes (or whatever flavor you want)
Peanut butter-(I forgot to include the peanut butter in the picture, sorry!)
–you can make your own peanut butter simply by adding fresh raw peanuts in a food processor and process til smooth (and no you do not have to add any oil, the natural oils in the peanuts should suffice)
An apple
A banana
Or substitute for whatever fruit you want.

Spread peanut butter on caramel rice cake
Slice fruit and place fruit on peanut butter
Eat & enjoy