Banana Slicer Review

This is a freebie review with no links to the actual banana slicer but just Google banana slicer and you’ll find lots of them!
I picked up this one a few weeks ago since my daughter loves banana slices with Nutella on them!
This made it mega fast and easy to slice up bananas!

Normally the banana would be on the underside, but for reference and photo opp wanted to show the banana in the slicer.

Yes, I need to work on my presentation but I was too lazy to put the Nutella in a piping bag this morning so it’s just slapped on with a knife…not the prettiest way to do it but it tastes the same!

One-handed design
Safe stainless steel blades (dull enough that it’s safe for kids to use)
Slice bananas directly over a bowl or plate
Makes uniform banana slices in no time

Great for slicing bananas to put in cereal, smoothies, shakes, desserts, to snack on….
a quick squeeze on the banana slicer and you’re good to go!

How do you like your bananas?

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One response to “Banana Slicer Review

  1. never heard of such a thing and now I want one!!!