Peppers & Portobello’s

Peppers & Portobello’s

I know I know..not a real original name but what can I say…
This is so easy and simple to make.

Today has been a brutal day, from starting off with a speeding ticket, to taking lots of pictures of roofs and next up, have to finish more pics of racing, and my daughter bailing on me to go to friends to do homework…I’m home alone and crazed so simple solution for dinner.

Peppers & Portobellos

Grab whatever you have on hand….
I used some peppers-red, green and yellow–some portabello mushrooms, onion, grape tomatoes and about a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil.
You can broil all these but I just wanted to eat and eat quickly so I stir fried them in the coconut oil.
Basically, all you do is cut up the veggies, stir fry them in a bit of coconut oil and then enjoy!

You can serve over brown rice (which is normally what I’d do but I was too lazy busy to make brown rice).
So, I’m just enjoying the veggies as they are.

Peppers & Portobellos  cooked

Health benefits of :
Bell peppers are a good source of vitamin C, thiamine, vitamin B6, beta carotene, and folic acid. Bell peppers also contain a large amount of phytochemicals that have exceptional antioxidant
activity. Red bell peppers also contain lycopene, which is a carotene that helps to protect against cancer and heart disease.

Portobello’s are an excellent source of powerful antioxidants. There are high levels of zinc found in portobello mushrooms, which helps play an important role in immune function, wound healing.

Tomatoes provide Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium, and iron as well. They are also an excellent source of lycopene, which they believe acts as an antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals that can damage cells in the body.

So there you have it, quick easy and nutritious!
and now back to work!

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